learn how to solve life's problems and deal with adversity and failure

achieve greater job satisfaction and performance among faculty

improve time management skills and increase productivity across the board

learn how to understand complex feelings and how to navigate unpleasant emotions

increase the collective happiness and well-being in your academic community

learn how to define and achieve goals through effective strategies

increase confidence, improve relationships & communication

raise the level of EQ and emotional resilience overall within your organization

See results in your students, faculty, and staff

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We empower you to empower others through our comprehensive curriculum centered on emotional health and well-being. We make it easy to teach children and adults alike the skills of mindfulness and emotional resilience.

With depression, anxiety, and suicide on the rise (largely due to social media), there's never been a more important time in our history to prioritize emotional education. This is the most important education any student could receive; it will affect and improve every area of their lives.

that lasts a lifetime

presenting a new kind of education

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We make it easy to teach information that is vital for all ages--something that is not normally taught, yet should be

Strategic curriculum teaches concepts at a pace that's easy to follow for students of all ages

Curriculum designed to provide students the foundational skills to "coach themselves" in any given situation

Accompanying workbook includes homework exercises and worksheets to solidify concepts taught

Students will be prepared to face an uncertain future with the knowledge they can handle any situation

Written by Master certified life coaches and English teacher with degrees in Psychology and Education

A research review in 2017 found that SEL (social-emotional learning) programs can promote academic success and increase positive behavior while reducing misconduct, substance abuse, and emotional distress for students.

In addition, SEL improves a student's overall achievement by an average of 11 percentile points. 

"If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime."

elementary school
middle & high school
university students
private schools
home-centered education
charter schools
all faculty & staff

our versatile curriculum serves:

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