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The goal of any Life Coach is simple:
you want to help others and make a difference in your sphere.

We've created the perfect training to help you become a highly effective and qualified coach. Our comprehensive program ensures you'll have the skills and strategies required to coach anyone on anything. 

We take you from square one to confidently coaching in less than six months.

learn the art and science of coaching

the mind firm method is an exceptional, comprehensive life coach certification that takes you from newbie to natural.

  • a process that takes people from baseline functioning to their highest level of functioning with a focus on the present and future instead of the past
  • helps people shift their mindset and regain control of the outcomes in their life vs living on default
  • teaches clients how to process emotions instead of falling back on unhealthy coping mechanisms
  • pinpoints current limiting beliefs and helps identify more powerful stories to tell and practice
  • provides accessible strategies and tools for personal transformation
  • empowers clients to find their own solutions

People are suffering and they need help dealing with their perspectives.
Learn to empower your clients and offer them a different lens to view the world.

why is life coaching gaining momentum?

what is life coaching?

to put it bluntly: it helps people feel better

-Christian B., MFM Client

"This is incredible. So much content. So simple. This is what all life coaching should be."

After coaching 1000's of clients, we absolutely know what a powerful curriculum looks like and how to get repeatable results with each client. 

COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING by Master Certified coaches and educators who know how to take you from beginner to expert.

STEP-BY-STEP CURRICULUM that is grounded in science and proven to get predictable outcomes. You will receive fully-scripted session formats of the most effective method to life-coach your clients. We teach you how to use your strengths and coach with intuition and compassion!

for your clients, complete with homework assignments and hard-copy workbooks.

HIGH-TOUCH TRAINING EXPERIENCE including four 1:1 mentoring sessions, personal coaching feedback, office hours with founders, live coaching opportunities, and workshop/application calls.

ACCESS TO A PRIVATE COMMUNITY OF COACHES with opportunities to network, practice together, and take part in guest speakers and bonus calls.

A clear-cut, uncomplicated method of coaching that provides a firm foundation in mindset, emotional resilience, and practical application.

the mind firm method

how it's done:

the mind firm method is the key to unlock the legacy you wish to leave in the world.

Laura Guilmain, RN, Certified Coach

I love this so much. Having an effectively outlined curriculum is a big reason why I am here. I feel like I have so much information and tools in my brain and having this framework to integrate the content I already have is a game changer. 

This goes without saying, but if you've been called to coach, this is the ultimate training in terms of the content, the experience, and the community. Our curriculum works for any client, niche, and length of program.

an aspiring life coach

a parent who wants to empower a child

a certified coach who wants more

If you see yourself in the following categories, then YES.

is the mfm certification for you?

a medical professional

Any Doctor knows that healing and health is amplified with a positive mindset. Having the tools to help colleagues, trainees, and patients increase their emotional well-being will provide you another level of care and expertise.

Anyone with kids has experienced the struggle of communication, dealing with intense emotions, and feeling helpless as to what to teach their children. You will be able to navigate all of it with confidence and find success in your relationships.

Many coaches find us after realizing their previous trainings were incomplete. Our training helps you find your own distinct voice as a coach and offers a completely scripted 12 session curriculum that takes the guesswork out of your program. 

This has been such a rich and transformative program! everything from the written materials to each video, along with the weekly calls and support have been amazing! I am so thankful to have all the tools and content in a easy to implement and reference format to refer back to and utilize at any time.

Sarah Wittry, MD, Certified Coach





OUR CURRICULUM is the backbone of our coach training. You will leave with a deep understanding of how the brain works, how to use it to our advantage, and how to feel better with the FSEBEL Paradigm--our most powerful tool for transformation.

We saw what was missing in many life coaching programs and set out to fix it.

how The mind firm method fills the gaps in the life coaching industry

OUR 12 SESSION PROGRAM is the thing that will 1. help you help your clients effectively coach themselves through any problem, 2. coach confidently due to the simplified format, and 3. sell high-ticket packages and offer clients beautifully designed workbooks.

OUR COMPANY CULTURE is one that fosters growth and individuality in an environment of continued support. We provide real actionable mentoring and problem-solving where we both give you answers AND help you find your own. Our feedback is constructive and kind.

OUR 7 C'S OF COACHING helps you define and articulate your greatest asset: your distinct voice. It also teaches you every skill necessary to help your clients at the highest level without sounding like a robot. We teach you how to evaluate yourself for optimal growth.

we've created the training that checked all the boxes

what does the mind firm method certification includE?

more than you think.

WEEKLY INTERACTIVE COACHNG CALLS that provide individual coaching and the opportunity to practice coaching with peers

THE MIND FIRM METHOD training including 50+ online training videos and 300 pages of written content in both hard-copy and digital formats

MFM certification package

4 1:1 LIVE MENTORING SESSIONS personalized for you with a seasoned coach

LIFETIME ACCESS TO COACHING COMMUNITY that continues after the training is over

REGULAR OFFICE HOURS with the Founders and seasoned coaches to get your questions answered

IN-HOUSE BUSINESS COACH who provides a step-by-step process for starting a business from the ground up

ONGOING, CUTTING-EDGE TRAININGS with experts in their field, each designed to enhance your coaching capabilities

Heather Wagstaff, Certified Coach

I was drawn to Sarah & Jennifer because they really addressed a few of the big holes i was noticing in my coaching. mainly, i wanted more training on processing emotions and a well thought-out curriculum. i have spent hours making up worksheets for clients and when i saw the curriculum, i was like 'yes please and thank you!'

You want to be taken seriously and be seen an expert coach who can get real results

You've been looking at coaching certifications and know how valuable it is to have a method that works

You're at a stage where you're ready to invest in yourself and make a difference in the world

You are passionate about mindset and learning tools that provide lasting change

this training is perfect for you if:

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It's the only life coaching certification available where you finish feeling absolutely empowered and ready to help others feel the same.

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