Higher retention of employees

Greater job satisfaction and performance

Improved Time Management skills and increased productivity

Employees will know how to master their emotions on the job with coworkers and clients

As a company, learn to Identify the biggest challenges and find solutions

Define and achieve goals through effective strategies

Increased confidence, relationships, and communication

See results in your company

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According to the ICF Global Coaching Client Study, published in 2009, clients who received business coaching reported several business improvements, including better teamwork, more clarity of goals, and better communication.

In their own words, here is a sample of some of the benefits they experienced within their company:


a new kind of benefit plan

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Better corporate culture. My department has achieved  a higher degree of team spirit.

More courageous conversations, more intentionality, more strategic approach.

Coaching has encouraged staff at all levels to see the value in their own external personal/leadership coaching.

People listen to each other, support each other, and enjoy coming to work more. 

Better communication, shared understanding of the vision, very high mutual trust.

Better interpersonal discussion between management and staff.

Of the 2,130 clients surveyed by the ICF, over 70% reported significant improvements in the following five areas:

Self-esteem/confidence (80%)
Relationships (73%)
Communication skills (72%)
Interpersonal skills (71%)
Work performance (70%)

Our methods are master level, and we’re sharing it all with you so that you can take your organization to the next level.

Work/life balance
Career opportunities
Personal organization
Business management
Time management

Work/life balance
Career opportunities
Personal organization
Business management
Time management

Other areas of improvement cited include:

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