They finally got to retire… But golfing every day isn't what they imagined. now what?

Their family is still everything to them, but how do you help them adjust when they're no longer needed in the same way? 

They finally have all the time in the world. How should they spend it so they feel fulfilled?

Their career is over, but life is not! How do you help them spend the next 20 to 30 years so they feel valued and appreciated?

DO YOUr retirees KEEP ASKING, 'What Now'?

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Your Retirement Community is one entrusted with a sacred and awesome responsibility--helping those in their twilight years find and experience joy.

It’s never too late to learn and we want to help you help those you serve live without regrets. We meet you where you are and show you how to help them embrace life right now.

After coaching thousands of people, we know what works and what doesn’t. We’ve built a method using tried and proven frameworks for success. We will teach you our method and you will enjoy full access to all of our materials and exquisite customer service. The Mind Firm Method provides great results without overwhelming you as a facilitator.

in this second act of life

Help them find their purpose & joy

We can absolutely improve the quality of any life at any age! we provide you wtih the tools and confidence to do it on your own forever after.

Our Promise

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learn and teach the tools that will impact generations to come.


For you & them

Our methods are master level, and we’re sharing it all with you so that you can take it and bless your life... and then others.

have a powerful curriculum to help those in your care change their mindset toward the rest of their life.

increase overall joy and happiness in the community in which you are a steward

facilitate health and healing in a time where grief is present

After working with The Coach Firm, you will

Most coaching programs do not give away their curriculum. We do! After working with thousands of clients, we knew when given the proper tools, our clients could coach those in their care.

Our goal is not to make you dependent on a coach, but rather to give you our entire method over 12 weeks so that you confidently teach others these empowering tools for change. 

Always have personal care

you can trust that you will

About the founders

Investing  now will impact future generations.


For them

taking a person from a place of non-functioning and getting them back to base level and beyond. therapy is often used to diagnose mental disorders.

for those who are functioning fine but still struggling... and who just want more from life. yOur people want more. We show you how to help them get it!

therapy is

Coaching is

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become certified in the mind firm method curriculum

Learn our Methods


impart the tools of transformation to those in your community

Share the Joy


watch as individuals and organizations uplevel their lives

See the Change


how to move forward from here

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At The Coaching Firm, we provide multiple avenues of access to learning and internalizing our methods. We walk you through our Mind Firm Method Curriculum, which will continue to serve as an investment for you and those in your care long after the program is complete.

I came alive again"

"after I found coaching

Enjoying retirment

We can’t promise a perfect life, but we can promise to give you the tools to help those you serve handle whatever life brings.

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Our promise

reclaim your purpose

Coaching for every season

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12 modules to teach in a way that best suits your organization

Our full curriculum and workbook available for all your people

Access to a world-class Master Certified Coaching method