from coaches and clients

I am a primary care pediatrician and I whole-heartedly endorse the Mind Firm Method.  One of the many ways this program sets itself apart is that not only is the individual guided through the curriculum, but upon completion is able to teach others and to use the tools offered on the daily.  I truly believe that all could benefit from learning self-coaching. Having the strategies and tools to fully understand how our thoughts and emotions guide our outcomes is critical. Being able to recognize this and act is essential. This is the basis of self-coaching, to allow one to become more aware and also to have the skill set necessary for change. What an amazing life-long skill this affords people.  

sara ayers, md, mfm coach

Sarah and Jennifer are the best and I felt completely supported. The resources that they put together are thoughtfully put together and you are set up to be successful in any avenue you choose!

katie jobbins, md, mfm coach

After researching many life coaching trainings available to learn from, I chose MFM mostly because it had a structured curriculum. This is how I learn best and knew I could also teach this structure to someone else. It takes a lot of the guess work out of it so that the client can get ALL the tools available to them to help change their lives. 

kerynne vance, mfm coach

tanya gardiner, mfm coach

I find the curriculum vital. We all want to know "Where are we going, and how long will it take to get there?" Having a curriculum adds so much value to us as coaches. Allowing our clients access to the materials will be a game changer for us and them! Thank you so much for developing this for us!! BRAVO!!!

I love this so much. Having an effectively outlined curriculum is a big reason why I am here. I feel like I have so much information and tools in my brain and having this framework to integrate the content I already have is a game changer.

doug chase, mfm coach

laura guilmain, RN, mfm coach

With sincere gratitude, thank you Sarah and Jennifer for creating this awesome platform to facilitate personal growth and empower coaches and the clients they serve, to go create their own exceptional lives! I have been my first client and I have experienced a profound improvement in the quality of my thinking. You were right, “if you do the work, you will never be the same.”

 My coach is patient, and intuitive, and so good at building confidence. I truly believe that because of her coaching I can handle any emotion.

mfm client

If you are looking to be inspired or motivated to live a better life, you need to go through this program! 

mfm client

I really can't think of anything that would make this program any better. This was just an incredible experience in every way, truly, I am just so happy with how far I've come thanks to this work. 

mfm client

I didn’t know much about life coaching before this experience, and now I catch myself talking about “my experience” to everyone. I love that I can take control of my emotions and can change my legacy at any time! I would not change this life coaching experience for anything! 

mfm client

I gained more on a personal level from this course than I could have ever imagined! These tools are LIFE CHANGING for those who are exposed to them and I am excited to share them with others!

daria poretta stewart, pt, mfm coach

I have personally grown so much over the last 5 months. I can't believe the transformation that I have gone through and I am excited to share this knowledge with everyone I can. I have learned so much about myself through the self discovery questions...they really are life changing! All this work has literally transformed me and my view on my own thoughts and helped me deal with others. I have loved this work and this program, thank you so much for the experience!

lexie turner, mfm coach

mona tippets, rn, mfm coach

I love having the structure of sound curriculum. It provides an incredible foundation and an opportunity for our clients to experience aha moments when they're reading and doing the exercises in the book. I love the idea that we're helping our clients to help themselves. And the curriculum is amazing!

I'm incredibly grateful for this program, the amazing content and the ability to set my own pace without pressure. So many great concepts! I've used the FSEBEL paradigm in my own life with incredible results--providing me good examples for use with my clients. I'm looking forward to what the future holds for my coaching business and how I can help others to navigate their thoughts and feelings.

ellen solomon, md, mfm coach

deb clements, md, mfm coach

I think the curriculum is essential for me, especially because I can always have a blueprint in front of me to work off of. I love that it provides a foundation for how I will adapt my coaching to each client and also, It is great to not have to plan each session because it is there for me already.

I would say that if you are looking for someone to help you through an emotional, or difficult time, or relationship, or if you are looking to be inspired or motivated to live a better life, you need to go through this program! 

mfm client

My coach was patient, and intuitive, and so good at building confidence. I truly believe that because of her coaching I can handle any emotion. I would recommend her to ANYONE I know. 

mfm client

I’m so grateful for this program and especially to my coach for giving such amazing coaching to me. She was incredible and has so much to offer to so many out there. I know she’ll help change a lot of lives with this coaching program.

mfm client

Coaching through this program was the best $3000 I’ve ever spent on myself! My husband noticed a difference in my emotional stability after only 2 sessions.

mfm client

I am so grateful I found this program and the person it is helping me become and how it helping those I have been able to start coaching. 

elissa etherington, mfm coach

I now understand how valuable it is to have a structured curriculum to guide myself and the client through a plan so that there is no confusion. I have been coached before and it was very difficult to decide at each session what I wanted to work on each time. I am so grateful that I have a workbook to give clients. I also believe that a structured curriculum will give me the confidence to step into coaching because I will feel prepared with scientifically proven instruction.

alexia gillen, md, mfm coach

barbara skovensky, mfm coach

The program is an intimate setting that allows lots of Q&A to meet your needs; Jen and Sarah were fabulous to work with--your experiences and coaching history really is the value of the course.

This has been such a rich and transformative program! I am blown away by how intentional and thorough Sarah and Jennifer were in developing this curriculum - everything from the written materials/sessions to each video -- along with the weekly calls and support -- have been amazing! I am so thankful to have all the tools and content in a easy to implement and reference format to refer back to and utilize at any time. 

april diaz, mfm coach

sarah wittry, md, mfm coach

Thank you Jennifer and Sarah for creating such an inspiring and solid curriculum that has helped me as a certifying coach AND is and will help so many clients. I have gained amazing trust and confidence in the curriculum, in the process and even in myself as I have experienced the curriculum myself and in coaching others through it.  It has been such a wonderful, warm and deliberate growing experience and I am so proud of myself and of those in the program. 

Life coaching has helped my child build self-esteem and change bad habits by accepting who they are. I am thankful because as his parent I cannot help my them in the same way as an experienced coach.

parent of mfm client

“I’ve learned that I can control my feelings and they are ok.” 

mfm client

 I look forward to each day because I now know I can handle it with newfound confidence and excitement!

mfm client

 I am finally actively becoming the person I always wanted to be. I feel so much joy and have so much hope for the future now. 

mfm client

Everyone needs these tools. I have been so impressed with the organization and beauty of the content and I am proud to offer these resources to my clients. Thank you for this amazing experience.

kate dickman, mfm coach

I have absolutely loved this program. The emotion work is priceless! I was coached by someone using another coaching approach, but similar, and going through this program has opened up a new world and way of living. I love how empowering this program is. It gives me, as a coach, the tools to coach and a system to do it in and it gives the client the tools to confidently face their life and challenges as they come up and empowers them with the choice of which direction they want to take.

kristen stum, mfm coach

elissa etherington, mfm coach

I feel more empowered in my life through things like my personal power statements, creating deliberate paradigms in my life, taking myself through an emotional reboot and gaining wisdom and leading with my legacy when setting goals. SUCH AN AMAZING PROGRAM!!!

I have been excited about certifying as a life coach from day one! As I have learned the curriculum, it has all resonated with me so strongly, and I have found myself absorbing the information like a sponge. 

I've also seen how valuable the workbook/curriculum have been to lending an organized approach. I am so glad I chose the MFM method for this reason.

tiffany kelly, mfm coach

shelly townsend, mfm coach

Jennifer and Sarah I feel like this program totally OVER DELIVERED all the expectations I had! I feel confident to start coaching and just so grateful to be a part of this amazing group! So huge shout out to both of you!!  

I felt my coach genuinely cares and helped provide me the tools to work through my issues. She’s really good at what she does and I’m confident you would not regret coaching through MFM. 

mfm client

The coaching I have received has been one of the most eye opening experiences and I appreciate every bit of it. 

mfm client

Life coaching teaches the essentials of what is necessary to live a fulfilling life. It it is something absolutely anyone can benefit from and something all should consider looking into.  

mfm client

I tried for years to be happy and I didn't think it was possible anymore. But working with my coach has helped me gain back my accountability and control over how I respond to the ups and downs of life.

mfm client

I have definitely felt that this coaching program hit the nail on the head and is inspired!

kara kaufman, mfm coach

What a LIFE CHANGING program!!This has been such an enlightening experience that I am so incredibly grateful for. I can look back and see so many circumstances that led me to this program and certification. I am always energized when I dive into this curriculum which tells me I am on the right track. 

sarah thompson, mfm coach

jamie salmon, mfm coach

All I can say is- WOW! Wow, wow, wow! This program has been incredible and I have grown and learned so much through it. The biggest thing I have taken away was learning about emotions, how to name them, and how to process them. I have used that information more than anything as I coach myself and others.

Thank you so much for this program! I feel like I have a much deeper understanding of both the logic and science behind coaching, and appreciate how much emphasis there is about having compassion on yourself because your brain is just doing it's job. I also love how these tools really are empowering to create a fulfilling life, and the YOU have all the control for your legacy.

tanya mathison, mfm coach

abby stephan, mfm coach

These are such beautiful tools to apply into my own life so I can better self coach myself, and therefore better coach my members with these beautiful tools.... Love & Appreciate this experience. I appreciate the pattern of coaching you have shown how to feel into the flow of the session instead of leading the session in a robotic way.

Sometimes at the end of a session I wished I could hug my coach instead of click off the computer! Haha! I honestly can't think of anything else that would have made it better. 

mfm client

I had a very positive experience and felt my emotional IQ grow. I feel more confident in myself as a parent, and in moving forward with purpose in my life.

mfm client

I would highly recommend life coaching to anyone looking to improve relationships with others, and with themselves. EXCELLENT program, and EXCELLENT Coach!

mfm client

It’s life changing and eye opening to be coached. My coach specifically has an inept ability to listen and help you solve your own problems.

mfm client

I have been my first client and I have experienced a profound improvement in the quality of my thinking.  

doug chase, mfm coach

sydney leifson, mfm coach

I am so excited to share what I have learned and coach others. This program is shaped in a way I already feel successful as a coach and I am confident with the tools I have to coach effectively. These tools will help me for years to come, I LOVE IT!

I really am so excited to start coaching with this curriculum. I want my clients to have that freedom and space that I feel now. That they have the power to be who they truly are designed to be and they have to power to get themselves to a place where that person is not only a possibility but a reality. 

beth hanson, mfm coach

The teachings have encouraged me to view what I face in a more productive way and even conduct myself in a way I haven't before. 

mfm client

I am grateful that coaching helped my son understand his negative feelings and how to handle them productively. The very first difference I saw was after two weeks into the sessions. 

mother of mfm client

Over the weeks, coaching has helped me become more introspective and now I look at my life differently. 

mfm client

kindra howard, mfm coach

As an educator of teens for the last ten years, it has become apparent to me that their biggest challenge is a lack of self-discipline. With this gaping hole, we have a generation consumed with anxiety and depression. I was thrilled to discover the Mind Firm Method and saw in it all the elements to give teens the tools to create fulfilling lives dictated by outcomes they choose. After completing the program, I implemented the principles with my students, who experienced life-changing results. The Mind Firm Method works! It is the gift we can give teens and young adults that will launch them into a life of intention, self-governing, and power over their circumstances.  

danielle scholze, md, mfm coach

Thank you so much for this amazing program! I started my journey with life coaching several years ago, but always felt there were pieces that didn't feel right or were missing. I truly love how this program not only looks at the power of our thoughts and emotions, but also sheds light on the importance of understanding how our core values effect our experience of life. In addition, the tools and visuals are so concise yet so powerful!  

There are so many things that I’ve learned in each of the 12 sessions, but what has been the most impactful to me is the concept of learning to sit with uncomfortable emotions. Most of my life, I’ve had the idea that if I didn’t like how I felt, something needed to change so that I liked how I felt. In learning what I’ve learned here, I recognize the false ideas I was believing. I find comfort in knowing that it’s normal to have emotions that aren’t comfortable, and even better yet, I can choose to have those emotions and still live as my highest and truest self. To me, that is powerful.

mfm client

For me, the superordinate theme of the MFM is that it is our God-given right to act and not to be acted upon; to be the creative force in our own lives.

brent bartel, mfm coach