After researching many life coaching trainings available to learn from, I chose MFM mostly because it had a structured curriculum. This is how I learn best and knew I could also teach this structure to someone else. It takes a lot of the guess work out of it so that the client can get ALL the tools available to them to help change their lives. 

tanya gardiner, mfm coach

I can't believe the transformation that I have gone through and I am excited to share this knowledge with everyone I can. I have learned so much about myself through the self discovery questions...they really are life changing! All this work has literally transformed me and my view on my own thoughts and helped me deal with others. 

I love this so much. Having an effectively outlined curriculum is a big reason why I am here. I feel like I have so much information and tools in my brain and having this framework to integrate the content I already have is a game changer.

doug chase, mfm coach

laura guilmain, RN, mfm coach

With sincere gratitude, thank you Sarah and Jennifer for creating this awesome platform to facilitate personal growth and empower coaches and the clients they serve, to go create their own exceptional lives! I have been my first client and I have experienced a profound improvement in the quality of my thinking. You were right, “if you do the work, you will never be the same.”

 My coach is patient, and intuitive, and so good at building confidence. I truly believe that because of her coaching I can handle any emotion.

mfm client

If you are looking to be inspired or motivated to live a better life, you need to go through this program! 

mfm client

I really can't think of anything that would make this program any better. This was just an incredible experience in every way, truly, I am just so happy with how far I've come thanks to this work. 

mfm client

I didn’t know much about life coaching before this experience, and now I catch myself talking about “my experience” to everyone. I love that I can take control of my emotions and can change my legacy at any time! I would not change this life coaching experience for anything! 

mfm client